Leopard Love

You may notice that my Wild Animal sub-gallery has a number of leopard images, and there will be some more to be added. While in the Serengeti in Tanzania, we happened on a male and a female leopard during mating season. We were privileged to spend over two hours in close proximity from our camera safari vehicle. They paid only passing attention to us, but generally went about their lives. It was striking the mutual affection they had for one another. One of the images expresses this strong affection, and it is shared with this post. Leopards are together for a short time for mating and raising their young. Otherwise, leopards have a gestation period of three months, with a typical litter being 2-3 cubs.

The leopard's spots are called rosettes because they look like roses, and the leopard's ears can hear five times better than the human ear. Leopards run up to 36 mph and jump forward 20 feet, explaining why they are regarded as excellent hunters. They spend a lot of time in trees because their spotted coat is good camouflage. They also drag prey into trees to protect it from hyenas, jackals and lions.