Independence Day Moonshots!

One of the more popular and fascinating subjects for photographers is the moon. Its poses are many, stimulating  many moods. Well, the July 4, 2020 weekend turned out to be special for this photographer....several different moon poses occurred and I was alert enough to capture them! At about 5 am on July 4 I shot a red moon setting just as it touched a mountain range - a special shot named Moonshot I in the Moonshot sub-gallery. That evening at 10 pm I captured sharp image of the moon, processed in B&W, named Moonshot II. Early the next day, July 5, the same moon, getting ready to bid us adieu, was captured again, but atmospheric conditions gave it a light tan color cast. This image is Moonshot III. And then something different: at about 6 am on July 6 the moon was working its way down through flossy strands of whiteish pink tinged clouds against a strikingly beautiful pale blue sky!  Within 10 minutes I captured several great images named Moonshot IV - VIII in the sub-gallery. The image in this blog is named Moonshot VII. I hope you enjoy these images that have proven special to this photographer!